Case history


Post 1945, with the restructuring and development of nations and their industries, ever increasing populations, etc. there was a need for the rapid evolution of large-scale petrochemical, plastics and liquefied gas plants world-wide. 

In the 50s and 60s these increases were met utilising the existing pre-war technology and equipment as speed, short turn-arounds and lowest costs where the paramount drivers for everyone.

Safety, the environment, protection of personnel and investments were very much secondary concerns of the day and generally minor considerations. But in the late 1960s, due to increased public awareness, a number of serious accidents and equipment failures, the emphasis of the major oil&gas companies turned to address such critical issues.

The following selection of ‘Case Histories’ explains the involvement of MIB in meeting these new demands and include a brief explanation of the reasons behind them and the advancements they offered.

The Case Histories include:
  • LNG Import & Export Terminal Safety Systems
  • High Pressure Flexible Riser/Umbilical Safety Systems
  • Berantai FPSO Project, Malaysia
  • Marine Breakaway Couplings, Evolution Milestones
  • Tender Assisted Drilling

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