Due to the IMO regulations introduced that impose stringent and strict limitations on the sulphur oxides emissions within the 2020 applicable to the merchant shipping fleets, LNG has come to the forefront as the only viable alternative to replace the traditional petroleum based fuels.

MIB can offer customized LNG transfer packages depending on each specific LNG bunkering requisitions. These solutions have been duly designed to be friendly operated for the personnel and to minimize the overall transfer operation turn around time.

The “Package” from MIB provides the Owner/Operators:

  • Single Sourcing of All Elements in an Integrated Solution avoiding the Interface Issue for individual Systems
  • Reliability of the products, with high safety level for the LNG transfer based on the long lasting experience in the LNG sector.
  • A comprehensive Commissioning, Training & after Sales Service Support from MIB’s Experienced Team of Engineers

The MIB Bunkering Package is compliant with the main industry codes, standards and recommendations such as OCIMF, EN, ISO, SIGTTO and SGMF.

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