The Ship to Ship transfer of LNG has now become a technically & commercially acceptable solution for fast track, short term or permanent gas delivery installations.

The STS transfer package available from MIB is not only a fully integrated system but brings with it the vast experience, expertise & track record of the company stretching back to the early 1970s in the LNG terminal industry.

Our solution includes the latest technology for the Emergency Release Systems, Flexible Hoses, Hydraulic Activation System, Support Saddles, Retardation Devices & Ship to Ship Positioning/Monitoring Equipment.
The “Package” from MIB provides the owner/operators:

  • Single Sourcing of All Elements in one Integrated Solution.
  • Where circumstances allow, complete FAT and In-House Pre-Commissioning of the various package components/assemblies.
  • Elimination of Interface Issues for Individual or separately supplied elements of such systems.
  • Reduced installation and commissioning timescales and subsequently lower costs.
  • A comprehensive Commissioning, Training & After Sales Service Support from MIB’s Experienced Team of Engineers.

The heart of the STS package is the MIB Double Ball Valve and Emergency Release System. This equipment has been provided to conventional LNG jetty based terminals worldwide (40+ years) enabling MIB Italiana to claim the longest and most extensive track record in this critical field of any OEM.

The complete STS package is fully compliant with the latest industry codes, standards, recommendations and regulations, covering:

- OCIMF - Recommendations and Guidleines for LNG STS Operations.

- EN 1474-3 - Design and Testing of Equipment on Offhsore LNG Transfer Systems.

- ISO 16904 - Design and Testing of LNG Marine Transfer Arms for Onshore Terminals (1).

- SIGTTO - LNG STS Guidelines.

(1) The above ISO codes replaces the previous EN 1474-1 covering the specific ERS design and operational criteria.


FS CASS Product Mark FSP19018_00

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