The Cryo-MIBDBV is the heart of the LNG transfer Package with over 40 years of in-service world-wide track record.
It consists on the MIB LNG Double Ball Valve c/w the MIB Emergency Release Coupler.

The purpose of this system is to provide protection of the installation, the operating staff, and the environment by isolating the product flow and providing rapid release under extreme or emergency situations during the LNG/BOG transfer.
MIB Ball Valves technology is compliant with the main regulations such as OCIMF ’99, ISO 16904, ISO 28460, ISO 20519 and SIGTTO where is defined that “For safety reasons, ball valves shall be used for LNG” and “Ball valves shut-off shall be before coupling releasing”.

Thanks to the Ball Valves design, in transfer (“OPEN”) condition, the inner of the system is comparable with such of an uninterrupted flow path, bringing to very very low pressure drop even at full flow.
MIB design includes built-in test facilities to verify the cryo-MIBDBV operability over a long service period as the possibility to provide a SIL2 architecture for the EDS2 to prevent spurious activation.
The system is suited for flexible hoses with hydraulic activation features unaffected by cryogenic temperatures.

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