The Integrated Emergency Release System (ERS) is the heart of the HPNG Package.
It includes dual ball valves which can be used to isolate each manifold/flexible hose and that are secured together by a hydraulically activated internal Emergency Release Collar (MPERC).
The purpose of this system is to provide protection of the installation, the operating staff, and the environment by isolating the product flow and providing rapid release under extreme or emergency situations during the HPNG transfer.

The ball valves are fitted with spring and pressure energised seat assemblies which ensure positive shut-off at high and low pressures.
The ERS assembly is provided with a blow-down system to depressurize and vent the HPNG entrapped between the ball valves cavity after an ESD sequence is triggered and the ball valves of the ERS are closed.

Designed to meet the added needs for continuous service application, the ERS architecture is compliant with SIL2 requirements.

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