This support tower is designed to ensure the catenary configuration of the jumper hoses, necessary to cover the operational drift envelope due to the expected vessel motions, either during normal operation or during a potential extra drift motion under emergency. The structure includes:

• A section of high pressure rigid gas piping, up to the flexible hose interface level;
• A winch to allow installation of the jumpers and of the safety link/retaining slings;
• Ladders and platform to ensure minimum access to the piping connections, winch, retaining sling connection, and to allow easy installation, inspection and maintenance operations.
During an emergency release of the jumpers from the FSRU (by means of the ERS), a special safety link/ restraining sling will avoid the complete fall of the jumper and the attached ERS lower valve. The restraining sling is designed to arrest the fall and keep the jumper assembly in a safe position, avoiding its contact with the jetty and with the vessel hull.
The tower is also designed to:
• Take the loads exerted by the jumper hoses and by the safety link.
• Route hydraulic and control lines from HPU to the aerial umbilical.
• Support the jetty-side termination of the hydraulic and control umbilical.

The structure is designed to be easy assembled/disassembled and containerized (standard ISO container) for transportation purpose.

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