The Emergency Release System is a safety system that provides protection to the loading/offloading installation and the environment by isolating the product flow and providing quick release under extreme or emergency situations.
The system is hydraulically activated and includes specially developed interlocking system.

The system consists of two Valves held together at their mating flanges by an externally fitted Emergency Release Coupling (ERC). When an emergency disconnection is activated, the two valves close and the emergency release coupler holding the valves together disconnects, allowing the two unit halves to separate. Upon disconnection the upper valve remains part of and isolate the marine loading arm. The lower (ship side) valve remains attached to the tanker flange isolating the tanker’s manifold. Spillage of product is thus prevented from both the marine loading arm and tanker’s manifold.

For LNG or cryogenic application, MIB ERS design is by explosion forming light-weight ball valves technology.

For low temperature or ambient application, other ERS design concepts are available, such as with butterfly valves.

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