The prime purpose of the systems is to provide a rapid and reliable method of separating the flexible lines from the subsea infrastructure or mother platform / vessel in the event of an emergency or adverse operational situation arising. The MIB solutions can be provided with or without isolation valving. The selection of a “valved” option will be dependent upon the philosophy of the operating company, the environment or maybe the fluids being transferred. They are equally suitable for drilling mud, gas, cement, return lines, water, hydrocarbons production or any other service required for a specific project. It is also possible to utilise the MIB systems for the quick release of umbilicals, power cables, etc. If installed on standalone risers (as in FPSO risers porch or balcony), the equipment will include all necessary features to enable the recovery and reconnection of the line once the situation has been recovered and normal operation can be restarted. As with all MIB solutions, the units can be custom‐designed to suit a particular installation, e.g. multiple riser lines installation in an FPSO disconnectable turret.

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