The Multibore Turret Connector System, born with the need to combine multiple lines in the least possible space, is a custom-designed multiple function QCDC for disconnectable FPSO turret installations – requiring release of all risers, due to typhoon, hurricane, ice-berg or other such conditions, in the least time possible.
It consists in two halves, connected in the outer perimeter by a QCDC clamp mechanism. Inside a series of high pressure lines (up to 10.000 PSI) and associated subsea umbilical bundles are housed. 
Each flowline is fitted with dual (upper and lower) ball valves, providing, in an emergency disconnection scenario, ioslation of each flexible riser as well as the vessel side turret piping/swivel.

The integrated connector solution includes several special features:
- All fluid or gas lines complete with dual isolation ball valves;
- Each set of ball valves are interlocked with the clamping mechanism to ensure ultimate safety levels.
- A total separation time, including sequenced and simultaneous valves closure, of less than 25 seconds is achievable.
- All components are manufactured in-house by MIB, guaranteeing the quality demanded by the industry for such a vital component.
- Engineered to interface with client’s specific riser buoy and upper turret equipment.
The clamping load suit project needs, catering for internal fluid pressures, external riser buoy loadings and the possibility to also accommodate mooring loads. 

The Multibore Connector solution offers the fastest method to both disconnect and reconnect flexible risers and umbilicals to an FPSO, limiting downtime to a minimum, with a negligible environmental impact and enhance vessel safety. 

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