The MIBREAK, MIB petal type Marine Breakaway Coupling, is a passive safety device that protects a flexible hose string (floating or submerged) from an excessive axial load, a surge pressure, or a combination of the two.

The MIBREAK is designed for a 25 years life subject to periodic maintenance and is maintenance free for 5 years.

The key features of the “MIBreak” include:

1)  Full Bore, no interruptions in the flow path, with zero pressure loss.

2)  As upstream valve closure speed control is critical, the “MIBreak” solution includes a revolutionary damping arrangement which not only controls the closure rate but is specifically designed to combat problems of debris/solids ingress that could be experienced within the mechanism.

3)  It protects hose-strings against excessive axial tension or excessive internal fluid surge pressures.

4)  The breakout load/surge pressure protection can be adjusted to suit any specific installation.

The “MIBreak” can be quickly and easily reassembled on site by local trained operators, then can be placed immediately back into service without the need to return the unit to MIB’s workshop. The operation can be carried out by following a detailed and simple to understand step-by-step procedure making use of a dedicated special Reassembly Frame supplied by MIB with the unit(s).

The capability of on-site reassembly by the client’s own personnel was a key consideration in the design phase of the MBC. The solution fully achieves this often crucial objective, ensuring a reduction for OPEX (reduction of logistics costs and lead time for refurbishment activities) and CAPEX (no need to keep spare units on stock).

The Mibreak with a specific design is suitable also for Reeling operations.

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